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Paul's back with all the animal news and you and your crewz* can use! 

You may be interested in this article about a high school working with HSUS to implement a Meatless Monday program. And here’s a new piece of mine about why anyone concerned about climate change should be concerned about reducing meat consumption.

A meat industry consulting firm just released a short video showing that their polling demonstrates 62% of Americans are concerned about gestation crates (compared to 41% concerned about use of antibiotics in farm animals). Not too bad.

On that note, Williams Sausage Co. is the latest pork user to announce it will end its use of pork from gestation crates, making the writing on the wall to the pork industry clearer than ever: gestation crates will go extinct.

Interested in protecting whales? Turns out that their biggest threat isn’t whaling, but fishing.

Video of the week! Woody Harrelson’s new, entertaining—yes, entertaining—video about fur.

Finally, if you missed this SF Chronicle profile on the farm animal shelter Animal Place, it’s worth checking out!


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