Product Review: Rico M. Panada spinach and tofu empanadas!  »

Welcome to my new favorite thing: Rico M. Panada’s spinach and tofu vegan empanadas! I’m a fan. I’m even toasting them, as the box recommends, instead of microwaving them, as my impatient stomach demands. Many of the brand’s empanadas aren’t vegan but the spinach ones are and then they have a beet and black bean vegan one I’ve yet to try (haven’t found it yet).

As you might imagine, the flavor of this empanada is very reminiscent of spanakopita. It doesn’t have that creamy and salty flavor you get with the traditional spanakopita cheese mixture, but it’ll definitely remind you of the Greek dish. I’m pretty into them. I feel like they are something my mom could get down with but I’m not sure if they are up to my tofu-phobic dad’s level. They are kind of high in fat but have no saturated fat, they are high in protein and fiber, AND they are Mediterraneanish—total mom food. Am I right? Come on, I’m always right! At least when it comes to mom-trends. Is that something to be proud of?

They have them at Union Market here in Brooklyn. I can’t tell where else they have them! Their site doesn’t seem to say. But you should totally write them and be like, “How can I be down?” That’s what we have to start doing now; writing the hell out of everyone like, “Ship to this coast! We’re hungry!”

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