Like myself, I’m sure you’ve been too busy to watch any movies ever since they put My So-Called Life on Hulu. But I’ve got something for you! Not just a movie but a DOCUMENTARY! A BUNNY documentary! A POLISH bunny documentary! Like that roll-out? Yes normally I steer clear of documentaries on account of my aversion to learning, but this one looks like something I can handle!

Królik po berlinsku, or Rabbit à la Berlin is a 40-minute film about the rabbits who lived between the Berlin Walls. I miss a lot of things, especially when they pertain to commies, and I guess I missed that there were actually two Berlin Walls. Or really, I guess it was this whole structure with guarded towers and a small amount of space that ran in between the whole thing. Also known as the “death zone,” for 28 years this grassy, predator-free area was home to our rabbit protagonists. With all they could eat and their own armed guards, their numbers grew to the thousands. Um, amazing!

It seems like a decidedly different view of a tense political period. Basically, the bunnies were chilling. And guess what! Rabbit à la Berlin is up for an Oscar in the documentary short category. Yay bunnies! Unfortunately, I’ve only seen this trailer. I’m not sure where or when you can catch the short but I’m guessing film festivals for the time being. How much do you love the music in this trailer though? Hint: SO MUCH.

[shout out to Potentially Nervous for bringing this to our attention!]

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