Hot damn!: Roasted Garlic Triscuits  »


If you don’t like junkfood, move on. For everybody else, these crackers are for you! They are totally great. I want to marry them. They remind me of Cool Ranch Doritos, I think? Is that what it is?

I wrote to the company about the “natural flavors” and they said the “vegetarian natural flavors” are vegetarian…I was like, yes, but it just says “natural flavors.” And they wrote back again to inform me that vegetarian natural flavors are both vegetarian and natural…so, not clear. But you can decide on your own if that makes it or breaks it for you. They also have monoglycerides and diglycerides which I don’t really know anything about but someone else wrote them and got a response stating those are from vegetable oils. And PETA does have them on the “Accidentally Vegan” list. I don’t know much about the parent company Nabisco though. 

If you are comfortable with those answers and supporting the company, then go get these because they are AMAZINGFANTASTIC!

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