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I went to one of the veggie Grubwithus dinners, the Vaute Couture one of course, and I met such nice people! One such person was Sarit. I got to talk to her all about her new site,, that’s launching next month. She sent me a little blurb: is a vegan marketplace that is a cross between Etsy and Macy’s for vegan products and services. forAnima’s mission is to empower both consumers and vegpreneurs, and encourage self-sufficiency within the community. We believe that the more we empower vegan business owners, the more more money will flow back to animal causes. We also believe in the power of consumers to make change. 

We were talking about this idea at dinner—you know, the notion that if you hire a vegan lawyer or vegan hairdresser, it’s good for the vegan movement because you know that money isn’t going toward milk or leather or what-have-you. 

Like any normal person, I love Etsy, but even with veganetsy, it’s still difficult if you want to shop just from vegan vendors. This will make it so easy!

Like I said, the site isn’t live yet but I saw a preview and it looks awesome:

I can’t wait! I’ll be sure to tell you when it’s live. 

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