Sacramento Vegan Bakesale for Japan is THIS SATURDAY!  »

Road trip, y’all! This Saturday, Apr. 2, the fine vegans of Sacramento are putting on an insanely huge vegan bakesale to benefit MercyCorps in Japan. You’re going because not only is Sacramento the crack capital of California, it also has some insane vegan eats (Hello, brunch at Sugar Plum Bakery! and an adorable ALL-VEGAN STORE!) and because you love vegan sweet treats* and Japan! Do it to it!

Here’s their Facebook invite (RSVP!) but just in case you don’t have Facebook (Hi Mom! Oh wait, you have it, too), you can get all the details here.

Also, if you want to bake, it’s not too late! Email Toni! Woohoo! You are smart and handsome and very good at everything you do, especially baking. Now get in the kitchen and make me some adorable cat cakes (uh, if you do that, let me know so I can name my next foster dog after you).

*We hear from organizer Toni that the treats will include cookie dough cupcakes, coffee and donut cupcakes, chocolate caramel salted crunch cupcakes, black and whites, mint chocolate brownies, coffee cake, cream cheese brownies, some pb cups, brown sugar peach muffins and apple strudel, oreo cupcakes, sugar skull chocolate molds, blueberry muffins, lemon cupcakes, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies. HOLY. CRAP.

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