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Yay! Anne is retired! You know I’ve been following the case of Anne, the abused elephant, very closely so I am glad to say she is officially leaving the circus! She will be moving within a week. Above is a picture of the Longleat Safari Park, Anne’s new home. It’s not an insanely awesome elephant sanctuary but it’s also not the zoo and she won’t have to travel very far so I think it’s great! I know the circus owners were like determined that they would only release Anne if she went somewhere that they could visit often. Um, yeah, maybe you could have done more visiting before, dirtbags. From the Daily Mail:

Following intense discussions lasting six hours, an agreement was reached between the safari park and animal welfare groups including Animal Defenders International, which obtained the footage.

The RSPCA, Born Free, the British Association of Zoos and Aquariums and Specialist Wildlife Services were also involved.

At Longleat, Anne will have three experienced keepers and an elephant specialist catering for her every need. Longleat has even pledged to bring in a herd of  elephants to keep her company, if  it is judged to be in her best interests.

I’m so happy for Anne! But I must remind you that there are many elephants in circuses in the U.S. and no one seems to be upset about their shocking abuse footage. I mean, the footage below has been out for years:

It’s amazing that the British people reacted so strongly and quickly to Anne’s plight—I wish that would happen here! I wish all the circus elephants were free! We have two elephants in the U.S. that IDA says are in need of dire rescue—read about Liz and Bimbo—but you don’t see them in the local paper. We should figure out just what made people react to Anne’s suffering so that we can get them to care about all the other elephants that are still being abused in circuses. Unfortunately, I think what made them care more is that they are not Americans. Americans tolerate so much violence against people, it’s no wonder violence against animals barely registers. But maybe I’m just cynical.

Go to to see ways you can help the elephants who are still in terrible situations.

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