Gross Alert: Fish Sperm Eating Gaining Popularity In Los Angeles  »

My twitter feed is hella queer, so when I clicked this LA Weekly article, I was expecting another piece by Michelle Tea hilariously detailing her latest conception (mis)adventures. Imagine my queer vegan horror when I saw that the article was in fact—gag alert—about a new trend of eating cod sperm at restaurants?!


Above: Cod sperm, which is NOT people food.

According to LA Weekly fish man-gunk guzzling “gourmands,”  sperm-eating is becoming en vogue in LA. This “hot spot” Japanese restaurant off the 405 has been turning out cold milt (aka fish wank) to people who REALLY need to stop stealing the sexual secretions of innocent damn cod and get themselves to Shojin. Sexual politics of meat aside, this trend is completely gross and hopefully not growing. Ugh.

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