Congressman adopts the most adorable yorkie ever! This video is so cute, I’m half dead. Congressman Michael Grimm had been working with the Humane Society to find the right rescue dog for him when they finally settled on Sebastian, a little puppy-mill rescue. It seems this Grimm character is an animal hero! From the Humane Society:

The personal is the political in Washington, and we are grateful that Rep. Grimm introduced H.R. 198, legislation enabling shelter dogs to become part of a pilot program for military veteran therapy and rehabilitation. Mr. Grimm is also is co-sponsoring the PUPS Act (Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety Act) to crack down on puppy mills. That’s a bill HSUS is determined to pass in this Congress, as part of our broader effort to turn around the puppy mill problem in America. Now, Rep. Grimm has a special incentive and case example to help drive that policy reform forward.

That’s all very interesting BUT LOOK AT THAT PUPPY! Ridiculous. See now why couldn’t Obama follow through with his adoption idea? Why are the men in my life ALWAYS LETTING ME DOWN?! Speaking of letdowns: Grimm is a Republican. Rip my heart out, why don’t you!

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