More good news: Anne arrives at new home, U.K. may ban live animals in circuses!  »

Here’s a picture of Anne from the Daily Mail being greeted at her new home at Longleat Safari Park! She has a six-acre enclosure there, which is a far cry from the miles and miles wild elephants usually roam, but her arthritis tells me maybe that’s OK.

I am still so impressed by how quickly the people in the U.K. reacted to Anne’s terrible situation, and how quickly she was moved to a brand new home. Amazing. What’s more, it looks like Britain will ban live animals in circuses (dead ones, I presume, are totally OK). The ban hasn’t happened yet but Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman is “minded” to pass the ban. The public shock of Anne’s treatment is the catalyst: “The tragic plight of Anne once again mobilised the people. From protesting on the streets, to lobbying MPs, the past week has been filled with cries for a ban.” AWESOME! I’m so jealous! Maybe we can just get the Brits over here and they can care about all the captive animals in the United States.

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