Scream Sorbet is closing?!  »

I’ve gotten this info from a number of people who are positively distraught about the news. But it appears that Scream Sorbet is indeed closing. From their FB:

 Closing March 10

Our customers are great, the press has been kind, but with
regret, Scream Sorbet will be closing on Sunday, March 10 2013.

Please join us for free final scoops on that Sunday from 12 noon - 8 pm.Donations accepted, and will be split by our employees.

It’s possible we’ll find a way to avert our fate, but the offer holds for Sunday. If we’re lucky, it will be a party rather than a wake.

We’ll try to re-open in some form. If you might have a solution to our situation, write to or leave a message at 510 394 5030.


Hopefully this will work out some how, as I know there are many Scream fans out there! 

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