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The ag industry’s efforts to keep consumers in the dark by suppressing whistleblowers is getting a cold reception by many in the news media.

Indiana’s largest paper (the Indianapolis Stareditorialized this week against the pending state bill intended to criminalize photo-taking a factory farms and slaughter plants, saying it "does a disservice to the public as a whole by blocking the flow of information that may be vital to health and safety." Indiana’s Herald Times editorialized against it too, calling it a “wrong-headed bill that could step on the First Amendment and make it more difficult to expose wrongdoing.”

The International Business Times had a great piece yesterday on the topic, too. Very important reading.

new study finds that vegans and vegetarians cause 42% and 28% (respectively) fewer greenhouse gas emissions than non-vegetarians. Also, check out this Seattle Times column on in vitro meat (aka in meatro!), which reports on an Oxford study finding that cultured meat requires “99 percent less land, 96 percent less water, 96 percent less carbon emissions and 45 percent less energy demand,” than raising animals for meat.

Finally, live in Florida? Let’s hang out together tomorrow!

Video of the week: When dove meets cat.

Editorial cartoon of the week: Toles on horsemeat…

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