CoraLlei vegan handbags are coming to Compassion Couture!  »


You know I’m in love with Irish vegan handbag company CoraLlei so I was very excited to hear that 1. their new line is out, and 2. Compassion Couture will now be selling them stateside! 

I contacted Jill from Compassion Couture for the details and she told me they will be selling three styles from the current collection: The Sofia in grey (above), the Cici in tan and the Sienna in grey. And the bags should be up by mid to late March [Update: they’ve landed!].

More about the bags:

-The material used to make the bags is Italian Vegan Leather.

They are produced in Milan, Italy.

-The bags are water resistant and don’t absorb marks or stains and are therefore easier to clean.

-All linings for each bag are made from end of roll recycled materials from the Italian Design Houses in Venice.

I still don’t think I can afford one…but I bet the quality is amazing. So maybe I will consider it an “investment” or something? A quality bag that lasts for 10 years is certainly preferable to 10 crappy pleather environment-killing bags that dissolve in one year. Sigh. We’ll see. 


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