“ Some liquors have animal products — not just dairy-based drinks, like Baileys Irish Cream, but also liquors that contain honey, like Bärenjäger. The owners Heather Rush and her husband, Jeff, vow to serve nothing but plant-based ingredients, which include their own house-made Irish Cream (made with thick soy milk, vanilla vodka, Frangelico and Kahlúa) and store-bought meatless Worcestershire for their Bloody Marys. „

Pine Box Rock Shop got a write-up in NYT! Get down with your cruelty-free self. 

And what it says in the profile is true, it doesn’t only appeal to vegans. A friend of mine from work was telling me about his weekend and he totally ended up there. He had no idea it was a vegan bar until I told him. But they aren’t hiding that it’s vegan. As you should know, they have the NYC Vegan Shop-Ups there! It’s just a cool place everybody wants to be. 

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