Remember Koko? Of course you do! But when’s the last time you thought about her? Well there was that video where she meets Mr. Rogers and freaking cradles him like a baby. Like a baby. But besides that, it’s been a while.

After years off the radar, NBC Bay Area got to go hang out with Koko. So jeals. It’s great but oh my god, who is tearing up? She just wants her own baby! I’m glad she has a gorilla friend there though. But it would be way more awesome if she could go to Hawaii and have a real gorilla family. OMG so sad, I really hope she gets a baby. And they say she could care for orphaned gorilla babies if the sanctuary becomes a reality. I bet she would be such a great adoptive mom! Right?

If you want to help Koko and the Gorilla Foundation, visit their site. You can donate! And then Koko can get her family! OMG. 

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