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My dog Figaro (rescue dogs represent!) is snobby about his treats. People are always trying to give him biscuits and he totally ignores them like, “Ahem, I eat chewy molasses treats and spoons of peanut butter like whenever I want; bleh to your dry biscuits!” And the people get all sad and I have to tell them he’s just nervous and I’ll give it to him later, then I give it to a homeless dog with less discerning tastes. But guess what! I’ve found a biscuit treat Figgy LOVES! Cloud Star’s green apple and peanut butter Muttos! They are a two-in-one flavored biscuit and they look so cute that I had to try them out when I saw them at whole foods.

What am I getting at??? VEGAN DOG BISCUIT ROUND UP!

Like I said, Fig’s latest and greatest treat, by Cloud Star. They have two vegan flavors: Peanut butter and apple, and blueberry and oatmeal. Haven’t tried the latter yet but like I said, Figgy loves the PB and apple ones.

Buddy Biscuits!
Cloud Star makes FOUR vegan flavors of these bad boys. Yowza! But these are not as popular as their chewy counterparts in my house because chewiness is next to godliness around here.

Mini Bakes!
Zukes offers one vegan option, the Peanut Butter ‘n Blueberryz flavor. These come HIGHLY recommended by our other resident vegansaur dog, the beautiful Hazel. Edit: Zuke’s Superfood organic dog buiscuts are also vegan, but not the Z-ridge dental chews as previously reported. Sorry, everyone, our bad.

Just Vegg’n!
This is a fruit and veggie, low-fat biscuit by Old Mother Hubbard that also comes recommended by Hazel.

Peace Prayer Love Bites!
These and all the treats by Bark for Peace are vegan!

Sweet potato rosemary biscuits!
These homemade treats are vegan, as are a number of others that are for sale at ElizabethBeckett’s Etsy shop!

Pumpkin Pie Muffins!
Um, they look really good. Imagine if you toasted them a bit?! Your dog would FREAK. Nice job, Boston Baked Bonz.

Mr. Pugsly’s Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits!
Figgy will actually condescend to eat these occasionally. Also available from Pet Guard are Mr. Barky’s Vegetarian dog biscuits.

Hoppin’ Good Carrot Crunchies!
From Front Porch Pets, the creators of Sam’s Yams, come these carrot cookies. Figgy hasn’t tried them yet but he does like carrots so if I see a package, I’ll buy it!

Organic Oven Baked Dog Treats!
Grandma Lucy’s makes several vegan flavors of these, including blueberry!

All right now kiddies, go buy these for your pups! Or make your own if you aren’t lazy like me! Boy, am I lazy!

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