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It’s time for the amazing and wonderful Paul Shapiro's Animal News You Can Use! YES!! And HAPPY FRIDAY YOU GLORIOUS FOOLS!! Let's take this weekend by the tits and make it something special!

Take it away, Paul!

Ready to have your mind blown? Check out Bill Gates’ new site promoting plant-based food companies like Hampton Creek Foods and Beyond Meat. Make sure to check out the videos, especially this one!

Did you miss this week’s ABC Nightline feature on how the meat industry wants to criminalize whistleblowers? Check out a video of the segment where the industry seriously makes fools of themselves. As well, Associated Press did a major national story on the same topic that’s really a must-read. Haven’t had enough? Then see what Raw Story says about it, too.

Okay, so you still want more on this topic? Well, editorial boards across the country have been slamming the animal ag industry for its attempt to suppress animal welfare whistleblowers. Just this week alone, papers in IndianaCalifornia (and again in Calif.), and Tennessee have all taken the industry to task for supporting these bills.

You already know the pork industry supports locking pigs in tiny cages where they can’t turn around. Did you also know their main trade publication (Pork Magazine) is suppressing pro-animal viewpoints on the topic? Too bad for them that the New Jersey Assembly voted overwhelmingly yesterday to ban gestation crates. (The bill will now go to the governor.)

And to end your week on some promising news, USDA is granting HSUS’s petition to ban downed calves from the food chain. (This was based on HSUS’s undercover investigation of a calf slaughter plant.)

Video of the week: 12 seconds of pig and dog having as much fun as you wish you were right now!

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