Your mail-order backyard chickens are giving you salmonella  »


Namely, chickens sold through one Ohio-based mail-order hatchery caused 195 cases of salmonella in humans between March and September of last year. Moreover, per the CDC:

This outbreak investigation identified the largest number of human illnesses ever linked to contact with live poultry during a single outbreak, and it underscores the ongoing risk for human salmonellosis linked to backyard flocks.

Because backyard chickens aren’t born on a scallop shell out of the sea foam, or a magical egg from the grocery store. People buy little chicks, which are sent through the mail, and even though the supplier works with the FDA to breed chickens without certain types of salmonella, chickens are basically salmonella machines. Mmm, eggs.

[Story via The Salt. Photo by key lime pie yumyum via Flickr]

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