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File under things to actually get mad about: New York City is set to kill more Canada geese in Prospect Park again this year. Last year, they killed hundreds without telling anyone but people noticed the geese were gone and it came out. This year, they’ve hired a “biologist” who, as the Brooklyn Paper describes it, is a gun-toting sharpshooter. Damn. Do people really go into biology thinking they will eventually be a goose sniper? Last year, they gassed the geese, they will probably do that again. I can’t imagine it will be straight-up Duck Hunt out there.

The city’s reason for killing the geese this year and last year is that they say the geese pose a risk to airplanes. Originally, they were killing birds within a five mile radius of the airport but they expanded the area to include Prospect Park, which is seven miles away. Why? I don’t know. People that oppose the mass goose murder say that 1. there are more humane ways to control the goose population and 2. the geese in Prospect Park are permanent residents now and don’t migrate north for the winter, so they aren’t the geese a plane would come in contact with.

Friends of Animals contends that the real issue for the USDA is the goose droppings. WTF? And here’s an appalling quote from Friends of Animals: “Mayor Bloomberg oversaw the gassing of 1,676 geese in city parks throughout the five boroughs last summer. A USDA report revealed that 89 percent of geese observed at sites throughout New York City and western Nassau have been killed.” God damn.

I’ll try to find more ways to help but for the time being, here’s what you can do:

Tell Mayor Bloomberg and city officials: Stop the killing and harassment of Canada Geese.

Contact Mayor Bloomberg to oppose the slaughter and harassment of geese in New York City:

  • If you live in New York City, you can call the Mayor’s office at 311.
  • Outside of New York City, call 212-NEW-YORK.
  • Fax a message: 212-788-8123.
  • Send an email to the Mayor.

[Photo of geese in Prospect Park by Robert Judge]

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