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Newspaper editorial pages haven’t been kind this week to the meat industry’s legislative efforts to suppress animal cruelty whistleblowers. The SF Chronicle called the effort “the worst PR gaffe since New Coke.” The LA Times said “it should be put out of its misery and killed quickly in committee.” And a columnist for the Indianapolis Star notes that “an unnecessary bill like this one sends a loud and clear message to the worst of the worst in the agriculture business. And that message is this: Come to Indiana. We don’t care what you do.” Want to see HSUS’s full-page ad running in several Indiana papers on the same topic? Here you go.

The FDA just released results of retail meat sampling, finding that 12% of retail chicken contained salmonella, 74% of which were antibiotic-resistant to one or more antibiotics. More than three-quarters of turkey samples contained E. coli, 75% of it antibiotics-resistant.

Here’s some interesting commentary on NPR’s blog this week from a couple friends of mine about why animal advocates should be reasonable. Quite a notion! :- )

Finally, yet another major pork producer, Canada’s second-largest, announced it will end its gestation crate use, based on requests from its major customers.

Video of the week: Think cats are the only animals who like laser pointers? (Seriously, this is amazing.)

Cartoon of the week: Cat manicures. Too true.

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