Vegansaurus NYC: pierogies from Union Market!   »

If you live in Brooklyn, you may be familiar with Union Market; it’s that expensive but really convenient place. I was there the other day buying pineapple as usual when I saw they had these pierogies! I checked the ingredients and they’re vegan! They have potato, and potato and spinach (they have cheese and potato too, but yuck). The pierogies are Union Market’s own brand; I don’t know where they’re made. They are near the milks, surrounded by a bunch of obnoxious non-vegan fancy-pants pasta. Jeez, pumpkin ravioli, get over yourself.

I eat mine with applesauce and I would eat it with Tofutti sour cream too if I had any on hand. The ingredients are so simple, it seems like I could make pierogies pretty easily! If I had any counter space! And the desire to do stuff!

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