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I was glad to do a live debate on CNN this week against the Animal Agriculture Alliance regarding their effort to suppress animal cruelty whistleblowers. Check it out.

Speaking of the ag-gag bills, we killed California’s pending bill this week, though regrettably Tennessee’s bill advanced with literally no votes to spare, despite overwhelming opposition from the state’s press, including The Tennessean editorial board.  As well, Tennessee native Carrie Underwood is appealing to her state’s governor to veto the bill. If you have friends in the state, please send them this link!

The same folks who want to silence exposés of animal cruelty also want to keep Americans in the dark about food safety problems in the meat industry. Why? I’ll let yesterday’s Washington Post headline sum it up for you: “Shocking rates of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in supermarket meats.”

Finally, I’ve got an op-ed in several Northern California papers today about the connection between Earth Day and the need to reduce meat consumption.

Video of the week: You think your dog likes to chase bikes? Nice try.

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