Ag-gag claims its first human victim!  »


That’s the headline from The Salt Lake Tribune yesterday. I haven’t had time (stupid real job) to investigate the situation in detail but we got this tip today and I just wanted to get it up as soon as possible.

Email from reader Sarah S.:

I am sure you are now aware of Amy Meyer’s prosecution in Utah

Anyway, she is so sweet and wonderful that the only request she has made of her supporters is this (from her Facebook page):

"Thank you so much for all the supportive messages! A lot of people are concerned about my defense funds. I have them covered and have amazing lawyers representing me. If you would like to help, the only thing I would ask is you help the animals at Ching Farm Rescue and Sanctuary by helping us meet our Hay Day Fundraiser goal. I started this fundraiser, and if we could make the remaining $1630 my spirits would be in good shape!”

We should all follow this story as it progresses, though I hope it goes no further.

SUPER FAST UPDATE!: RadioWaves tells us the charges have been dropped! Huzzah! We must continue the fight though, as I fear this won’t be the last we see of ag-gag.

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