LA Folk! Get grub, help PETA!  »

EXCITING NEWS! At least if you’re in the Los Angeles area! On Thursday, Apr. 28, one of L.A.’s best vegan restaurants is donating 50 percent of its beverage and food purchases to PETA. That’s right folks, use this flier at Veggie Grill’s Sunset Boulevard location and they will donate HALF of your order total to PETA. Isn’t that great?!? Some suggestions when ordering: The Santa Fe Crispy Chickn’ Sandwich, the-oh-so-yummy mac ‘n cheese, sweetheart fries, watermelon water, and don’t forget the cookie for dessert. Take my recommendation, swing by Veggie Grill, order some delish vegan delights and you’ll be helping the animals. How could you say no?

This is a guest post by Sawna Guadarrama! Sawna is a Los Angeles native, a fashion/beauty writer for entertainment website

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