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[Your cute animal viral video of the week! OMG that duck is scary! I feel your pain, dog.]

There are 55 restaurants in NYC that serve shark fin soup, according to Gothamist, but there’s one that just gave it up! He says he decided to drop the item from the menu after encouragement from customers. Awesome!

Bittman commented on this bullshit situation with every state and their mom trying to outlaw undercover factory farm videos. It’s worth a read.

The SF Bay Guardian had a nice panel discussion on eating vegan in the Bay Area. It even includes our Laura! Damn, she gets around.

Some vegan teacher took a naked stroll in his school. Probably because he’s vegan.

Here’s an update on the impending wolf slaughter from the LA Times. I’m not pleased.

Has anybody been to a vegan waffle party? HOW COME I DON’T LIVE IN A VEGAN WAFFLE PARTY?!

This is a bit old but I forgot to tell you guys: Greyhound racing is going out of style! Huzzah!

This was probably the best news all week and it’s my discussion topic: Mac users are 80 percent more likely to be vegetarians than PC owners! How does that hold up with our Vegansaurus readers?! I’m totally allergic to PCs, the ugly hurts my eyes. What does everyone else have? Plus, what’s the connection here? Macs are for art people, right? Are art people more likely to be vegetarians? Who can say!

Here’s your weekly what the fuck: YouTube bans Mercy For Animals video. You know, the one from the Cattle Farm that was going around. I think that video opened a lot of people’s minds! God forbid!

Hipster Animals! I’ll let this picture do the talking:

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