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Boston Creme DonutIf you’re into decadent vegan desserts (uh, why am I even qualifying this?). You’re into decadent vegan desserts. If you live anywhere near Philadelphia, you probably have access to the most delicious vegan treats in town: Vegan Treats. My East Village obsession Atlas Café gets a few dozen assorted vegan donuts EVERY TUESDAY (coconut cream, Boston cream [pictured], rainbow sprinkle, chocolate, and cookies and cream). So, haul your going-to-get-so-fat-off-of-these ass to Atlas to get an cookies and cream filled donut! Yeah, I said it. Cookies and motherfucking cream. And by the way, Vegan Treats doesn’t do any of that cakey, depressing shit. They fry their yeasted donuts in delicious, soul-stirring oil. Yummy oil.

So like I said, head over to Atlas to get your treats. They come in fresh every Tuesday, but by Thursday if they have any left over, they might give you a discount. They charge $3 (yikes!) but at least something (your wallet) will be getting slimmer from eating all those calories.

[photo credit: Vegan Treats]

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