Vaute Couture vegan coat design contest: This entry is not about food  »

It’s about FASHION! Runway! Glamour! Magic!

Anyhow, this cool new website/company/group of people who are apparently made of money and good will, Vaute Couture, is sponsoring a vegan coat design contest. Three lucky winners (there is some sort of voting process involving the public or a panel or experts or something, I skimmed so don’t look at me for facts!) will get $1,000 and have their designs made and sold on the site! Even better, the money from the sales of the coats will go to Farm Sanctuary! I don’t know how these Vaute Couture fools are swinging such an amazing deal but damn, I wish I had any kind of talent because I would be designing something right now. Actually, maybe I’ll submit a coat that makes the wearer look like a penguin? Or a rhino? Or a penguin-rhino? Let’s face it, I’ve got this in the bag!

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