Meat Is For Pussies makes me feel funny  »

John Joseph (who was in kind-of-important New York hardcore band Cro-Mags) is writing a new book. It’s called Meat Is For Pussies. And from what I understand, it’s a hyper-masculine version of Skinny Bitch. Here’s the first paragraph:

Who propagated this bullshit that meat makes you macho? My guess is it’s the same big business assholes that told you the Marlboro man was a stud. Eating defenseless animals doesn’t make you tough numbnuts. It makes you a coward. You wanna eat meat? Instead of purchasing factory killed, slickly packaged animal parts, have some balls and try this: Go out to the woods or jungle, tear down an animal with your bare hands, rip it apart and eat it. I guarantee you you’ll find out just what a big pussy you are because you’ll get your ass handed to you like some idiot on that TV show When Animals Attack.

John Joseph, Meat Is For Pussies from Polygraph Productions on Vimeo.

The book’s release date is Thursday, Apr. 15 and I think it might be a huge breakthrough for hegans everywhere.

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