Dog saves kitten from ravine! Nurses her as her own!  »

imageAnimal Control in Greenville, S.C., got a call about a dog stuck in a ravine. An officer went to check it out and climbed down, following the dog’s howls. What does she find when she gets there? The little dog was nursing a kitten! OMG DON’T DIE! OK YOU CAN DIE!

The officer believed the dog could have climbed back up from the revine but couldn’t bring the kitten and didn’t want to leave her. Watch this video, the best moment is in the first few seconds—the dog totally grabs the kitten by the scruff! 

Can’t see the video? Watch it on!

Anderson County PAWS recently updated their fb to say the dog and kitten are off to foster care together. Though like the video says, this dog looks like she came from a good home, so I hope the family comes to claim her—and wants a kitten!

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