There’s no happy Mother’s Day for puppymill moms  »

Did you know it is currently Puppymill Action Week? Neither did I. Now we both do, and knowledge is straight up mother-loving power.

As Mother’s Day approaches, the Humane Society wants you to think of all the mothers of those cute pet store puppies. They are stuck in wire cages their whole lives, outside, getting peed on, with sores on their feet and not a single bit of love. I never understand how these people who buy dogs and love these dogs never think of their dogs’ moms? If you love your dog, you should care about the mom too, no? Your dog probably loved his mom a lot.

The Humane Society got Colbie Caillat to speak out against puppymills:

[Can’t see the video? Watch it on]

She’s that chick whose songs get like stuck in your head for days even if you just hear it for half a second, right? She totally is. You can get on board with Caillat by signing this pledge.

They have a different thing for you to do every day. Today we are supposed to urge Congress to support a bill to protect dogs in puppymills. Get on it, troops! Puppymills totally blow!

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