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Well, the philanthropist geniuses over at Turtle Mountain are at it again!* Having brought us delicious soy yogurts and soy creams for years, they now bring something to the market I’ve never had before, COCONUT YOGURT. And it’s good. It’s REAL good. That was meant to sound slightly creepy.

Flavors currently available are vanilla—THE VERY BEST, eat this all the time! Eat it alone, put it on granola, top it with berries, pour it on your genitals, WHATEVER IT TAKES JUST GET IT INTO YOUR BODY; plain—good but probably best as a base for a sauce or in cakes, etc.; blueberry—delicious blueberry yogurt; raspberry—delicious raspberry yogurt; and then some more adventurous mixes that involve mango and passion fruit and whatnot that are decent, but I am not one for tropical-flavored anything, it always tastes like tropical-fruit-flavored Skittles, which always tasted like gross to me. But I ain’t the boss of you, maybe you like gross!

I’ve only seen these for sale at Whole Foods, Rainbow Grocery (where one day I hope to be buried in the baked goods section), and other specialty health food stores, and they are around $2 for a 6oz container (roughly 150 calories, depending on the flavor). Oh and vegans, each serving has 30 percent of your daily intake for B12! What what!

*I know, this expression is super-obnoxious, I just can’t help myself! I love how it sounds!

[photo via So Delicious]

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