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Once upon a time, a time we shall call “before Jan. 11 2008,” I was a gainfully employed young woman, working full-time in an office in a beautiful Financial District building. It seems so long ago, but how clearly I remember it. I had coworkers, and a view, and a big bottled water dispenser, and we took coffee breaks, and every other Tuesday we’d get a delivery of fresh fruit from The Fruit Guys.

I remain ambivalent about these people. It’s lovely to have fresh fruit in the office. However, what’s with the year-round apples and oranges? Friends, these too are seasonal fruits. Oranges in the hot summer months are totally unnatural. Apples in the springtime? Also unseasonal, and strange. Further, the really good summer fruits, you know, peaches and nectarines and the like, often arrived having suffered chilling injuries during some part of the tree-to-office process, and thus were all mealy and disappointing when they finally ripened.

Though getting fruit delivered to the office is nice, there’s no reason to settle for substandard produce. Ask some local CSAs about their office deals—they’ll never send you any of those icky red delicious apples, or brittle June oranges.

[photo via yelp]

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