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I know, you are up in arms about Monsanto and school lunches and my computer, and the weather is gloomy and nothing will ever be good again. I KNOW. It sounds like you could use some cheering up, my babies. So how about we look at some pretty, pretty shoes that are on super-duper sale?

Cri de Cœur is an all-vegan, eco-friendly company that makes pretty, pretty shoes, and Billion Dollar Babes is having a massive sale on some of their styles for the next 24 hours. Billion Dollar Babes is one of those members-only “HUGE DEALS ON DESIGNER STYLES” sites, but you don’t even need a recommendation from a current member to join; just put in your name and email and you’re in. If you’re interested in Cri de Cœur shoes I would recommend joining, as they seem to be significantly cheaper than usual.

Of course we’d all prefer to buy from a local retailer, but according to the Cri de Cœur website, the only two places you can buy them in California are in Santa Monica or Laguna Beach, to which we in Northern California say, Boo, we may eat like hippies but we dress like grown-ups, dang it. I mean they sell them in Brighton, which as I understand it is the English equivalent of San Francisco, so let’s get on it, people. I don’t see why a pretty pretty dress store like Ambiance couldn’t carry a few styles. They have enough Michael Stars “one size fits most” shirt/dress/whatever garments to clothe a little army, anyway.

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