More footage from Have Trunk Will Travel, the “trainers” of Tai, elephant star of Water for Elephants.┬áThis time the footage is of daily life. What you can see in the video, from Animal Defenders International:

  • Have Trunk Will Travel boss Kari Johnson viciously striking an elephant
  • A baby elephant being hit over the head and dragged by the trunk
  • Elephants being hit and jabbed with bull hooks
  • Elephants chained by the legs barely able to move (the elephants were being chained from 6.30 p.m. to 6.30 a.m., 12 hours a day)

The stuff with the baby elephants is really too much. Poor little babies. ADI┬áreleased this footage because after the last footage they released, the owners of Have Trunk Will Travel, the Johnsons, were like, “say whaaa? We treat our elephants super!” So that’s why it’s pretty incredible that you can see owner Kari Johnson straight up beating elephants with a bullhook. Can’t claim ignorance now, d-bag!

If you remember, the first time I wrote about Water for Elephants, I mentioned Kari Johnson’s testimony at a Ringling trial. She says, “the guide”—aka the bullhook—“is used to reinforce the verbal cue.” Um, yeah, used like a baseball bat with a hook on the end. That will no doubt reinforce a verbal cue. In related news: SHE’S A MONSTER!

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