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Roger Ebert has a review of Forks Over Knives up that’s worth reading. There are some truly insightful bits, but I really really really hate this part:

Hey, I’m not going all holier-than-thou on you. Think how fat I was for years. I knew the solution, I was weak and lazy. Over 12 years I was eventually able to lose about 70 pounds with a proper diet, but my current weight and superb physical condition can be attributed to my illness. I am unable to eat or drink anything, and my (therefore) perfect diet of canned nutrition has given me an ideal weight and incredibly good blood numbers. 

Fat people aren’t “weak and lazy,” they’re JUST FAT. That’s all. Lots of fat people are quite healthy, just how lots of skinny people are quite healthy, and lots of “average-sized” people are quite healthy. Losing weight isn’t a health panacea that suddenly means you’ll live forever and be a better person and win the lottery, it’s just LOSING WEIGHT. That’s GONNA COME BACK ANYWAY. Sometimes the weight loss helps with certain health things, sometimes it doesn’t. Same with gaining weight! The deal is, your body will reset itself to the weight it wants to be eventually. I mean, how many people do you know who have tried to lose a large amount of weight (I’m talking more than 20 to 30 pounds) were able to keep it off for five years or longer? I bet that number is VERY small, if you can even think of anyone. Ebert is in the unique position of not being able to eat food—that sucks and is the worst and I completely feel for him, and it also makes it pretty easy to stay at goal weight, knowwhatimsayin?? Many of can eat anytime we’re hungry—that’s why there are fat vegans and skinny vegans and fat meat-eaters and skinny meat-eaters. If we have access to the amount of calories our bodies want, we’ll get as fat as our bodies wants to get. In fact, fat people are fairly awesome because if there’s ever a food shortage, our shit is gonna live way longer than the skinnies. Fat apocalyptic dance party, y’all!

Anyway, I’m off track, but the importance of a film like Forks Over Knives is that eating a plant-heavy vegan diet is healthier than eating the garbage that passes as “food” today. It’s a much more complicated issue than EAT AN APPLE, FATTY. Our entire food system—including food availability—is set up to fail our health, the health of the planet, and certainly the health of animals. Every step a person can take towards eating a diet less filled with animal products and more filled with fruits, veggies, and grains, the better. Let’s leave it at that, and quit making it a weight thing. I know GET SKINNY FAT-ASS is what motivates people to consume consume consume and cash is king and blah blah blah but I’ll still get upset every time I see shit like this and I hope you do, too. ALSO, I’m bummed to hear this from Roger Ebert, who I thought was a friend to fatties. Well, I guess I knew he was a self-loathing fatty when he gave fucking Shallow Hal a good review, but then I thought he came around! He’s got an ADORABLE chubbers wife and he’s always defending Gabourey Sidibe. I don’t quite understand his whole thing. Someone help me. Ludditerobot, you got anything?

Anyway, the rest of the review is right on, and he’s even switching to a liquid vegetable and fruit diet now, and that’s awesome. Roger Ebert is vegan, y’all. Maybe he’ll even write an all vegan version of his AWESOME rice cooker cookbook?? That would be neat.

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