The kid in the “Is Veganism Safe for Kids?” Scare? He’s a PESCATARIAN. OMG, SHUT UP, MEDIA. Oh also, same article says vegan diets are TOTALLY SAFE FOR KIDS. OMG SHUT UP AGAIN, MEDIA. (I apologize for this title! I am out of control! Love, Laura)  »

The Guardian posted a somewhat interesting article (nothing fully interests me anymore, le sigh) called “Is Veganism Safe for Kids?" It’s pretty mild and basically she’s like, give the kids supplements and vegan kids are probs healthier than non-vegan kids (I almost wrote "regular kids," but then I was like, what the eff are you trying to say about vegans, Megan Rascal?). I thought it was pretty positive overall, but I’m like the mayor of being wrong so who knows. It sounds good to me, though:

Amanda Baker at the Vegan Society says the real issue isn’t whether a child’s diet is vegan or not, or restricted or not-–the important thing is whether it’s healthy. “There are plenty of children who are eating a bad diet, and they’re not vegan,” she says. “Vegan parents have to plan their child’s food carefully. Of course there are pitfalls, but there are pitfalls for all parents and for any diet.

"The reality is that vegan parents are more likely to cook at home, and are likely to be very knowledgeable about nutrition because they have had to make a lot of effort to follow the diet they do. Many of them follow a wholefood diet, and avoid trans-fats and too much salt. It’s actually much easier for vegans and their children to meet the five-a-day guidelines than for other people."

The article was sparked by a recent case where social workers totally tried to take this kid from his parents because they thought his dairy-free diet gave him rickets. What the hell are rickets? I mean I know I can look it up but I’ve got the tireds so forgive me. But for real, rickets sounds like something you’d get in medieval times.

One important note: the kid isn’t even vegan, he’s pescatarian (sorry I said the P word! I just want everybody to make fun of pescatarians because it’s hilarious).

In cuter vegan kid topics, this seems like a good time to mention my favorite website everrr, It’s the best! Just lots and lots of cute-ass bento boxes filled with vegan goodies. There’s even a book! I have no kids and I have no bento boxes but I love this site.

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