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Laura is out of town for the weekend and I am taking over her review duties for the day. As the token omnivore of the VeganSaurus gang, my view is mostly as someone who really likes food and as someone who is always looking for places where my vegan BFFs can feast along with me. Here is my first installment!

Suggest brunch to a vegan friend and their eyes get a little shifty. Oh no, they think, I will be dragged to yet another restaurant where they will feast on decadent eggs benedict and a menu full of dead animal everywhere and I will have to yet again make a meal of french fries and a fruit plate. And I know that my co-blogger gave Herbivore somewhat high marks for their vegan brunch, but this equal-opportunity lover of foods just can’t take their dry tofu scramble. So, where are we to go where we can all leave fat and sleepy and happy on a Sunday afternoon?

My answer: Boogaloo’s!
Boogaloo’s has quite a few things going for it in the vegan department: you can make any number of interesting and wonderful tofu scrambles—I like the tofu scramble with a side of avocado and their tasty ranchero sauce, which is not too spicy even for a wuss like me. Instead of regular toast, you can make this a little mini breakfast burrito and do it up with a side of corn tortillas. And for the ultimate brunch, you slap on a side of the “fake stake,” a big ass-piece of seitan. I’ve ordered this many times at Boogaloo’s and never ever, ever feel like I’m missing anything,and I’m an omnivore so my diet consists mostly of cheeseburgers and Doritos. (I kid! I also eat french fries and drink coffee).

What about the potatoes, you ask? What about them, indeed. Apparently, the home fries are not vegan, the cooks inexplicably throw butter in towards the end. Urban legend has it that if you go on certain days, they may be able to make you a vegan batch, but don’t take our word for it. Most of the staff here is endlessly inked and in skinny jeans, and as you would expect are well versed in what is vegan and isn’t, so ask away, vegan bruncher!

Finally, we have mimosas! If you crave excitement (and lord knows we do) try out their mimosas with grapefruit juice—they have a cute name for this, a “cyprus”—or if you want to be boring, just have with orange juice.

A warning: Boogaloo’s is one of those places in town that always, always has a line. They give away free coffee while you wait (or if you’re fancy and like to waste money, go across the street to Ritual Roasters and get yourself something with some latte art) and you can also watch the parade of intense fashion don’ts. Who knew that skirts were now optional when wearing tights? I didn’t. If food can’t bring you and your friends together, surely making fun of people can. And so, we love Boogaloo’s!

[photo by Allen Ferguson]

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