Oh, Ginnifer Goodwin. Where do I begin?

Considering this recent clip of you on Jimmy Kimmel, and the new romcom you chose to star in, I can’t help but notice you are caught in a cycle of bad decision making. Yes, Big Love is over. I’m apprehensive too. What could possibly fill that void?  Predictable movies costarring Kate Hudson and eating meat—those are not the answers.

I feel betrayed. I loved your cover girl issue of VegNews, in which say all sorts of wonderful things about how veganism changed your life. I actually started watching Big Love because of it! I took notice of you, and started to appreciate you as an actress, but more importantly, I respected you as an activist. Whereas before, I have to admit, something about you rubbed me the wrong way.

In the above video, you perpetrate the following bullshit: “Boring health issues;” humane butchering; bacon meatloaf; rolling your eyes at and belittling your family’s veganism.

WHAT THE FUCK?! I am not pleased. My main issue with you is not that you started eating meat again (though it is distressing)—I have plenty of friends and family that do just that, and I still like them. My problem is how flippantly you laughed off veganism, made stupid jokes about it with Kimmel and completely disregarded EVERYTHING you talked about so eloquently in VegNews a mere year ago. You come off so hypocritical, it’s unbearably offensive.

Dislike, Ginnifer. Major dislike.

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