Cats as your favorite beat poets. Yes.   »


In honor of the Contemporary Jewish Museums Ginsberg exhibit, they’ve teamed up with SF SPCA to honor the beats’ favorite pet: the kitty!

The connection is natural as Ginsberg, Kerouac, and Burroughs all owned and were photographed with their cats. Kerouac mourned deeply after his cat died. And Burroughs wrote a book solely on cats, titled, The Cat Inside.

And as the post proposes, these shelter cats have lived beat lives. Above is Thistle as Burroughs:

Thistle easily evokes Burroughs with his long limbs, quiet demeanor, and bony face with large protruding eyes. Poor Thistle had a hairball. We feared he was taking his role of Burroughs too seriously. He looked unwell for a moment and we feared he was going to vomit. But a true champion, he pulled it together, kept it all in, and we finished. Thistle then nodded out in front of the typewriter after the shoot.


And here’s Dorothy as Ginsberg:

Crazy beat cats! Check out the rest of the portraits

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