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Today is Endangered Species Day!
Endangered Species Day happens annually, and is dedicated to acknowledging the planet’s many endangered species and recognizing the amazing efforts being made globally to save them from extinction. How awesome is that?!

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services even created this super-nifty search engine that allows you to find endangered animals by state, country, and species. For example, there are 18 species in New York state that are either endangered or threatened, including the humpback whale, the Canada Lynx, and FIVE types of sea turtles. Damn, yo!

Here are a few ways to spread the word:

I don’t know if “celebrate” is the most appropriate term, but it’s definitely a good idea to raise awareness on behalf of our non-human friends. Let’s do this!

[Canadian Lynx image via digitalART2 via flickr]

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