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WholeSoy & Co. has announced its products will be unavailable until this fall.

If I had to choose one product that imitates the non-vegan world that I pretty much thought I needed to survive, it’d be WholeSoy & Co. unsweetened plain soy yogurt. The tubs of savory probiotic goodness are the best tasting soy variety I’ve found, completely vegan (of course!) and insanely versatile. I loved that it could be fashioned as a sour cream substitute, baked into lovely vegan desserts, or combined with sweeteners like stevia to become a pudding-like confection. I sometimes added nooch to it and called it “Alfredo sauce,” because I’m lazy and have been vegan for eight years and forget what anything animal-derived tastes like. 

If, like me, you’ve been hella confused as to WHERE THE @#$@ WholeSoy & Co. yogurt has been for the past few months, you’re not alone. Where has all the WholeSoy gone? It turns out from the WholeSoy & Co. company blog, they got pretty screwed by the facility that produced their products and were forced to halt production:

From the WholeSoy yogurt blog:

"The facility that previously helped us make and package our soy yogurt (called a co-packer in the industry) abruptly closed its doors and stopped making our products giving us only three days’ notice. We were fortunate to have been in the process of setting up a new facility, but moving yogurt production is a complicated endeavor that typically takes six months or more to complete…We have already started with the first steps toward the new WholeSoy Yogurt facility and we’ll work quickly, but we are going to take the time to get every part right. We are aiming for the return of WholeSoy products this fall.

Wow. I am sad to see the yogurt out of stock but it’s great that WholeSoy & Co. is going to create a new all-vegan yogurt factory!

The thing is, Amande, Wildwood, and other non-dairy yogurts are similarly unavailable. Screw this production facility that took away our beloved plant yogurt!

Many of have been lamenting the (permanent?) end of beloved Wildwood on twitter:

 Bummed that Wildwood Soy Yogurt has been discontinued. Like, ridiculously bummed. Like, I should be ashamed of myself bummed.
  that was my favorite non-dairy yogurt to eat and cook/bake with. So sad it’s gone.
  Any options left that don’t taste like sugary butt (e.g., O’Soy, Silk)? We’re in the middle of a vegan yogurt crisis!
 Aww! Boooo! MT : Bummed that Wildwood Soy Yogurt has been discontinued. Like, ridiculously bummed.

Stay tuned with WholeSoy yogurt updates on their blog and Facebook. Follow Amande updates here. In the meantime, all I can find is So Delicious products: Coconut yogurt and that nasty vegan greek yogurts. Get those because DESPERATION, but I think we’ll be stoked for Fall 2013 when we get at least some of our yogurt favorites back!

How are you surviving Vegan Yogurt Crisis 2013?

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