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All week I’ve had these two birds hanging out outside my office window (literally two feet from my desk) hanging out in the overgrown ivy and twittering the old-fashioned way. These industrious (and romantic!) fellows are house finches, and they are a mated pair, building a nest!

Today I remembered we had an old iSight laying around from before they were built into every computer. And I’ve been watching it ever since! Before I hear any complaints, yes this is the best angle I could get. And I don’t want to stick my hand out there to move the ivy aside and risk disturbing them more than I already have. But I figure once they lay some eggs in their new home this angle will be ideal.

The finches (Mr. and Mrs. Atticus) seem to be most active in the morning: flying around gathering nest material, and hanging out singing on the nearby telephone wire. Then they disappear from 1:00 or so on. Where do they go? Happy hour??

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