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We don’t recommend you do this as a road trip unless you have a lot of time and perhaps a Winnebago, so you can travel Road Rules season one-style. For everyone else, New York City has three airports. Pick one! In any case, if you find yourself in north Jersey, as I have for the past two weeks, do check out Sweet Avenue Bakery in Rutherford.

I bought four cupcakes: plain vanilla with vanilla frosting, apple pie (apple cake with cream cheese frosting and apple pie filling), cookies ‘n’ cream, and strawberry fields (vanilla cake with strawberry frosting and strawberry filling).¬†These are big, beautiful, voluptous cupcakes with a lot of frosting, so I recommend sharing or devouring very slowly, perhaps over the course of two days.

I ended up sharing with my highly critical aunt and mother, who were totally shocked when they enjoyed the very cautious bites they took. A note about my family: they are about as un-vegan friendly as you can possibly imagine. You know that scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding when the girl brings her fianc√© home and says he’s a vegetarian and her aunt says, “That’s okay, I make lamb!”? That’s us.

They simply couldn’t believe that this could be made with no eggs, butter, or dairy whatsoever. They also couldn’t believe that such delicious baked goods could be made from the hands of an Americano, or white person. They were truly perplexed.

All the cupcakes were amazing but our favorite was the apple pie, fall in pastry form. With a cup of spicy Silk Nog, this was the best midnight snack a girl could ask for. After that, I would say the cookies ‘n’ cream had my heart. The frosting was amazing and who doesn’t like chocolate cake?

Sweet Avenue changes their cupcake selection every day, which they list on their stylish website. If you’re in New York City and you want to visit the bakery, you can take NJ Transit from Penn Station straight into downtown Rutherford. The shop is a a few blocks away. If you’re in Jersey, surely you’re not too far from a car, so get your ass there!

[photos via Sweet Avenue]

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