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I will forever have fond memories of Manic Panic from my rapscallion teenage days. It was just the coolest, right? Well I recently found out they make makeup tooThe mother of a friend of mine works at Manic Panic so when I found out many of their products are vegan, I hit her up! And she sent me some of their vegan make up to try (for free (full disclosure!)). 

These are the vegan products (though fyi, none of their products are tested on animals):

All of our hair color is Vegan as well as our following cosmetics:

Lust Dust Eye Pigments (all but Hot Hot Pink, Infra Red, & Fuschia Shock)

Dreamtone (Virgin) Foundation

Large Eyeshadow (all but Deadly Nightshade)

Blush- Pussy Galore

However, it looks like they may have added some new products so you might want to email to check if there are more options. I tried the Pussy Galore, Starchild eyeshadow, Cobra Lust Dust and Ultra Violet Lust Dust. And now I will tell you all about them! 


I LOVE the Pussy Galore. It works as an awesome blush but is also great as an eyeshadow. I’ve never worn pink eyeshadow but now I feel like I should wear it every day! The Starchild is nice too. Both go on very easily and have a lot of color (I did a light application). Tip: you can apply wet for an eyeliner effect!


These are the two Lust Dusts I tried. Again, both very nice though the consistency of these are more loose and prone to dust up your undereye while you apply. But once applied, it stays on wonderfully. I did a light application again but in general I think the Lust Dust isn’t as strong as the large eyeshadows. So if you want subtle, this is probably your better option. If you want bright, the large shadows rule!

In conclusion, I’m a little biased because Manic Panic will forever remind me of growing up in the 90’s, but I have to say I’m overall impressed with the makeup. And I’m going to wear the Pussy Galore every day! I am!

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