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Pooches for Pigs? Dogs for Hogs? Canines came out for porcines in force this week at our rally to ban gestation crates in New Jersey. The rally took place at Monmouth County SPCA and garnered attention from the Asbury Park Press and Click here to see some excellent (as well as very cute) photos! Additionally, the Courier-Post editorialized in favor of our campaign, concluding “New Jersey’s lawmakers have already stood up for mother pigs who can barely move. We urge them to take one more step to outlaw cruelty.”

Big names are also joining our NJ campaign, with Martha Stewart calling on state lawmakers to do the right thing, saying of gestation crates, “This is torture, and we shouldn’t permit it to be inflicted on anyone, especially animals who have done nothing to deserve such callous punishment.” And my friend and MUTTS comic creator Patrick McDonnell has an op-ed today on the NJ campaign that’s a must-read, as well!

If you missed Washington Post humorist Gene Weingarten’s piece last week in which he awards a meat industry lobbyist with a “George Orwell Award,” now’s your chance to see it.

Finally, if you like free food, cute dogs, and beer gardens, I hope to see you at the DC VegFest tomorrow!

Video of the week: Why do cats always feel the need to knock everything over?

Photo of the week: 20-year veganiversary!

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