Recipe: Silk Nog tapioca pudding! THIS IS THE SHIT! And hella cheap too!  »

I gave you a slow cooker dessert last week and now I’m taking things to the fast lane! Um and then I’ll have a restaurant review for SF because that’s what this site is supposed to be the fuck about.

Anyway, I hope you all spent your Thanksgiving holiday the fuck away from the computer (unless it was to watch legally downloaded episodes of Weeds and Dexter! I love not leaving bed until 3 p.m.!)

So this is super-easy, super-fast and super-delicious. Super. All you do is make minute tapioca—I use Kraft brand, it’s available everywhere; there might be better organic shit available from a non-evil company but I don’ t know—according to the directions on the packet, except you substitute Silk Nog beverage for the milk and just leave out the egg or use egg replacer or some canned pumpkin even. I bet that would be good. Also, throw in 2 tsp. of pumpkin pie spice or garam masala. You can also just wing it and throw in cinnamon, nutmeg, etc. Whatever you do, this shit will be delicious. Cook according to package directions and voilĂ , bitches! Delicious Silk Nog tapioca pudding! It takes about 10 minutes to cook—five minutes to let everything sit in the pot together and then five minutes of stirring it until it boils—and then 20 minutes to let it cool. It thickens as it cools so don’t freak out about it not being thick. Go make some now and freak out at the deliciousness. Also, if you think tapioca is funky, you are weird and wrong. You are the funky one. Tapioca is wonderful.

(I’m not as good at Images as Jonas but you get the idea! I think! The idea is that the combination of those ingredients equals ONE HAPPY CHEF!)

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