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It’s summertime bitches! Well, almost. It’s time to get some vegan sandals! Lucky for you, Megan Rascal is here to give you some superfly sandal choices after exhaustive internet research (that’s what I call shopping: “research”). Sorry there are no men’s sandals included, but that’s just because men shouldn’t wear sandals. Now, in the words of suburban Philadelphia’s own P!nk, let’s get this party started!

Here we have the Belong brown t-strap wedge sandal. This post was totally inspired by these sandals. I got them from Alternative Outfitters and for real I keep getting compliments on them. To be honest, I wasn’t that into them originally; I just wanted a pair of sandals that make me super-tall. Then I wear them and everybody is like, OMG! Even dudes—two guys I know were both like, “I like those sandals.” That is a big compliment, if you get dudes talking about your sandals. In short: you have my permission to cop my style and be awesome like me. They are even on sale for $33.11!

Next we have the espadrille sandal from Marais. Ladies! Espadrille is not a bad word! And these look very retro-cute style. You can find them at Mooshoes $96 (jeez louise, even I’ll admit that’s pricey for these—and I’m allergic to admitting things).

I know everyone is all down on crocs all the time but for real, stop fronting, these are dope! No really, I think they’re cute and I’m sure they’re super-comfortable. I been waiting to get them but I waited too long and now I can’t find them in navy in my size. Poor Megan! Life is the worst! They are called the Hanalei and they go for $54.99 over at

OK OK I scored big over at Endless! They have a ton of Olsen Haus and Beyond Skin shoes, and I am obsessed with both of those designers. As usual, Olsen Haus does not disappoint. This is the women’s spirit wedge and it’s the hotness! I love them. I need them. They are $219.95, so maybe I will have to live without them. I also like their¬†women’s destiny flat,¬†although they are $189.95 at Endless. Yowza! But check them out, I like them.

Like I said, Endless also had a nice selection of Beyond Skin shoes. They didn’t have a ton of sandals but these are pretty cute. These are the women’s marina slingback sandal. I’m not super-obsessed with these but I can imagine them looking super-cute on someone. Imagine! With a sweet 1950s dress! Lovely. These are on sale for $137.47.

For my final act, Endless also had these cute Wanted fringe sandals. I wasn’t sure at first but then I realized these are SUPER cool. I’ve kind of always been drawn to fringe, is that weird? God forbid I be weird! And these are only a lean $28.10—not too shabby!

Ok that is the vegan sandal round-up! Thanks for coming out!

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