Humans are a bunch of manatee-harassing jerks  »

Humans are the worst! They harass these manatees all day, every day. Jeez louise. From Treehugger:

Here, in a timelapse video made by Mittermeier and fellow photographer Neil Ever Osborne, you can see just how much interaction the manatees are forced to deal with all day, every day. You’ll even see a manatee stampede, which happens when a sudden loud noise onshore scares them. Mittermeier states that this happens several times a day. The video reveals just how little space manatees get for themselves, and how much more protection we need to be offering these animals who are, we cannot forget, members of an endangered species.

Good god. I hate people. I can’t believe I am one! The Humane Society has a list of things you can do to help manatees, check it out.

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