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Steamed about missing Millennium’s Southern Comfort Dinner tonight? Well eff that noise anyway, because (a) you’re probably broke and (b) this month’s Vegan Drinks will be featuring vegan Root Beer Floats (alcoholic, obviously (and also: !!!!!)) and a reprise of hangover-preventing Turtle Island vegan hot dogs (I say again: !!!!!). Vegansaurus is an official sponsor of SF Vegan Drinks, and we’ll be eating/drinking our weight in the aforementioned delights. More details from the SF Vegan Drinks HQ compound mothership:

Just a heads up that the May installment of Vegan Drinks is Thursday, May 27 at Martuni’s (Valencia @ Market). Come on out to mingle with other interesting vegans while enjoying drink specials (This Month: $5 vegan Root Beer Floats) and a host of non-alcoholic beverage options!

We didn’t want to pass on a good thing, so this month, we’ll be cooking up some more vegan hot dogs donated by Turtle Island. For only 98 cents a piece, you can satisfy your after-work hunger. You may just want to have two!

Everyone is invited, even Ike’s neighbors! We’ll settle our differences over a round of vegan hot dogs/spin-the-bottle while we fondly remember a simpler time when the biggest neighborhood problem was the pounding rave beneath your floorboards. In all seriousness, if you hate my guts for siding with the groovy sandwich dude who’s been making your life a living hell, stop on by. I’ll buy you a drink, and we can get all “I LOVE YOU MAN” before I realize you keyed my car on the way in. Just don’t pull anything; my Krav Maga skills are unparalleled.

Did I mention it was from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.? No? Well now I did. 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.!

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