Let’s go Flyers! Also, adopt a dog!  »

Philadelphia sports fans are kind of crazy. Whether they are pummeling Santa with snowballs or rioting for joy, they have a special kind of sports fever. Now with the Flyers in the Stanley Cup finals, even the animals aren’t immune to the excitement! The Pennsylvania SPCA, where I got my dear animals, is honoring the Flyers by lowering adoption fees for black adult dogs, and orange, black, and orange-and-black adult cats. Those are the Flyers’ colors, silly West-Coasters! Through the end of the Stanley Cup finals, you can adopt animals like Roger here for $20 off the normal adoption fee. How cute is Roger? SO CUTE I LOVE HIM! And I was just talking about What’s Happening! yesterday so it’s basically destiny.

The Philly SPCA is very nice in my experience. Having a special promotion for adult black dogs is good too since it’s widely believed they are the last to get adopted at shelters. Hopefully Flyers fever will totally kick Black Dog Syndrome’s ass! GENIUS IDEA!: the Giants’ colors are orange and black, yeah? The San Francisco SPCA should totally do the same kind of promotion! IF THE GIANTS EVER MAKE IT TO THE WORLD SERIES AGAIN.

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